The Thigh Gap. I first heard of this term in college when I came across a Facebook page about it that had close to 10 million followers. This was years before Instagram exploded and having a million followers was even a thing. Instantly, almost every girl I knew was in the gym every night trying to get one. The backlash and doubt soon followed and it soon became synonymous with models or those who were well-versed in Photoshop. But for me, it became a bit of an obsession. I’ve always been fascinated with studying the human body and how you can activate certain muscles to create the shape you want. I quickly became determined to solve the mystery of how to attain the Thigh Gap. In my mind, it was the missing piece of the puzzle in women’s fitness.

When I began working exclusively with women in 2013 at a downtown New York City fitness studio, it became clear that the demand was still high for the Thigh Gap. I was asked about it multiple times a day, and I continued to research and test out ways to achieve this “unattainable goal.” By the time I opened my own fitness lab in Soho — Bodies By P — I had discovered and mastered techniques that make the Thigh Gap within reach for women…and not just super models.
Now here’s where the dose of reality kicks in — I can help women of all shapes and sizes achieve this but it takes hundreds of exercises and months of work to get there. The path varies for everyone, but I’m confident that if you follow these four techniques and are committed to your fitness journey — you can achieve a Thigh Gap!

Let’s Jump In:
1. Open your hips. I can’t say it enough — hip stretches are everything. Our day-to-day lives and workouts tend to tighten our hips, so we constantly have to open them up through various stretches and movements. Open, free-flowing hips are essential for getting the inner thighs and butt muscles to work and are the first step to a Thigh Gap. Without open hips, these muscles will remain inactive.

2. Focus on the inner butt. The inner butt muscles are the key to a Thigh Gap. These muscles have to activate and lift to pull the inner thighs away from each other. To get these muscles fired up, use a mix of stepping patterns coupled with a variety of butt lifts. These muscles tend to fall dormant very quickly, so they should be part of every workout. One way or another, I work on the inner butt muscles every day with every client.

3. Stretch the inner thigh. You have to constantly stretch the inner thigh muscles and activate them to tighten them. I use gliders to target the Thigh Gap muscles. These moves get high and deep into the inner thighs to make those muscles work, stretch and tighten to help further the gap.

4. Pilates ring. Squeezing the ring with both your inner butt and inner thigh muscles simultaneously is key. After you have opened your hips, activated your inner glutes and lengthened and tightened the inner thigh muscles, cap it off with the Pilates ring to fully work and target the most essential muscles. This will allow the inner thigh to work with maximum efficiency, tighten and lift the butt to create the perfect Thigh Gap. One common mistake with the pilates ring is people like to squeeze through their lower inner thigh driving inward with their knees. Trying squeezing with your butt, drawing both glutes together to engage the ring. This will ensure your reaching the had to reach muscles vs the commonly used one. This is key!

Remember, the path is different for everyone, so be patient and keep at it. You’ll be rewarded in the end. With hard work, time, and the right program, it is possible to take your physique to a place you previously thought wasn’t possible. Questions? Submit them in the comment section below, and I’ll personally reply!