112 Bowery, New York, NY 10013

Movement with resistance, a mix of natural movement patterns and toning exercises, using different variables of resistance and small precise motions to create constant changing reactions in your muscles to help blast through plateaus and actually shape your body. Confused? Think Pilates, but constantly moving, no pulsing and always changing up your sequence and never repeating, to keep the body fully engaged. Using different thresholds of movement to take the body further in terms of strength and appearance. NO bulking, swelling, or getting overdeveloped or unnatural. Taking you back to your natural symmetrical shape.

Although he has mastered stretching and toning the body, P has been dubbed by GQ the “Ass Master”. He will noticeably lift and firm your butt using his inimitable techniques that have been created and mastered through his journey. His signature class “Thigh Gap Thursday”, promises to get the hardest to reach places in your inner thighs and glutes to turn on and activate muscles you never knew you had. Also, heavily included in P’s method are tight arms, a stronger less bulky core, a better posture, and toned legs.

His knowledge from the Grey Institute has laid the foundation for his workout. Learnings on how the muscles function, how they move, and how they interact with one another are vital. This allows P to create a workout around individuals, (personally and in his classes) not only based on their aesthetic wants, but also crafting it around their physical limitations. (Restricted joints, tight hips, & inactivate muscles) With this background, he takes his clients that have been injured and helps individualize a workout for them that not only makes them look great, but in addition, rehabs them.


After working out so intensely for years and beating my own body up, I’ve reached the conclusion that I might have done more harm than good to myself in the process. As a result, I’m now focused on staying healthy and creating a method of exercise that has longevity. It’s important to find a workout that allows you to stay active throughout every stage and chapter of life. I am driven purely on the results, and helping you realize and see beyond your own expectations. Being a creative in the gym, being able to take one exercise and turn it into endless motions, using different angles, and different pieces of equipment. Low reps, and no repetitive sequences ensures that you will never get bored or tire out too easily, and are always looking forward to walking through my doors.

Let’s slow everything down and really give you a better sense of how this machine (the body) feels when it’s moving, flowing better, and when there is less tension in it. My workout and method are constantly changing and evolving, giving you a chance to move your body every which way it can without being stuck to a limited set of positions. This is the secret to allowing women to finally yield the results they work so hard for, making everyone feel comfortable, confident, and empowered at any age.